DR. Tanushka melwani

While navigating motherhood, her tween and teen led her to take a deep dive into studying Respectful Parenting (Childhood Matters with credits in Play Therapy International) and several other programs under Dr. Shefali.


Dr. Tanushka learned to turn the traditional parenting paradigms on its head and look and find the answers within and raise herself first, towards a transformation like none other. Having experienced first hand the benefits of a deep connection with herself, her children and in turn all her relationships, she is now passionate to help and support parents in their journey to honoring themselves and liberating their children.


Dr. Tanushka has studied and certified under Dr. Shefali Tsabary as a Conscious Parenting Coach Practitioner (Conscious Parenting Coaching Program Methodology) She graduated from the University of Bombay (Bachelor of Dentistry) and then completed her MBA-Health at University of Ateneo De Manila.

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for my workshops

From the moment I heard about conscious parenting, I knew I wanted to be a part of this movement and journey, and I knew I wanted to learn more from Tanushka. It is undoubtedly an overwhelming time in both the parents and tween’s lives, but Tanushka’s course is designed to help you tread these uncharted waters, without feeling like you are failing. Right from the get go, Tanushka gave us all the comfort of knowing that we were not alone, that it was a safe space to share and be vulnerable, to ask questions. We looked at how we can be more mindful, more conscious about what our children are going through, and how to avoid pitfalls, how to navigate through the feelings, and accept what is happening, but also why it is happening. This course was truly an eye opening experience, and I cannot wait to join the next session, there is still so much to learn. Till then, the tools and conversation starters we learnt in this course, will tide us through.Nadia Rashid
Tanushka's 3 day workshop came at the perfect time.. just when we were dealing with the impact of repeated lockdowns and restrictions. The sessions highlighted common issues we face as parents with a clear, concise delivery of structured steps to understand and meet these challenges. They also included a good balance of Tanushka's personal experience sharing as well as opportunities for participants to share and contribute their own. Tanushka created an intimate, safe space for us to interact and learn practical tools and strategies but most of all, to gain a deeper understanding of the parenting journey and our role in it. The program made me realize that I had a lot of areas for improvement but it also reinforced the things we seemed to be doing right. It has given me the confidence that a deep and lasting connection with my children is not only possible but fully within reach at any moment if I just learn how to remain aware and conscious. I am very grateful for the experience and would highly recommend Tanushka's workshop!Nameeta Dargani
Tanushka was an amazing mentor that helped my husband and I find practical and meaningful approaches to reconnect with our son. I have been reading the books of Dr. Shefali Tsabary for a few years and really resonate with her holistic, spiritual approach to parenting. But it was really nice to have a mentor break it down further, listen to my issues and help me apply the knowledge to our family context. Tanushka teaches the course so warmly and with such sincerity, creating a safe environment for the participants to openly share. In this stressful times, we really need all the support as parents to stay grounded and confident to be able to emotionally support our children and ourselves. I highly recommend this course to everyone!Charmaine Cuunjieng
Tanushka did a great job sharing the essence of parenting teens, which created very beneficial awareness among parents. We had deep conversations during the sessions, which she was able to build trust and facilitated insightful discussions and sharing among the participants. Tanushka has provided useful tools for us too. So we are not left alone after the course, but able to implement changes straight away.Anonymous
Through the workshop, I actually developed a refreshed perspective on parenting. It made me more curious about my children’s behaviour and what is the real underlying problem rather than just being upset about their surface behaviour & thoughtless words.The key golden concept I learnt that will stay with me for life is - It is not about creating a fantasy image of a happy family, but building a connected family where kids or even parents feel heard & supported in a safe & non-judgemental space. That’s what family is all about.Thank you Dr Tanushka for all the amazing tips that will help me so much along my parenting journey. Much blessings & love to youAllyson
This course helped me understand my responses to my child in challenging situations and has got me thinking about our larger approach to parenting. It is absolutely true that we have no preparation for parenting. I have been seeking information, insight and guidance, and found it here! I am so very grateful. The course was simple, relevant and very well received.Anonymous
Dearest T,
It would have been a loss to me if I had missed the 3 day session. I’m taking with me the confidence and courage that I can improvise on my parenting skill and make it better for my kids and us.
Love your passion and enthusiasm and can’t think of you in a better profession than this.
Tanushka is extremely well-versed in the psychology of children and parenting. I thoroughly appreciated her calm and thoughtful analysis of what keeps parents and kids relationships secure, smooth and open. Highly, highly recommend this workshop for parents of teens!Pamela Puja Kirpalani
Author of “Whole” and NLP Life Coach
Tanushka has greatly inspired me to communicate lead and teach our girls with a great new perspective . She is supportive, empowering and gives you a results driven experience. Her unique approach to common teenage issues like communication , power struggles etc gave me the much needed tools to take our parenting to the next level.Shefali Pasricha
YPO Malaysia
Parenting is hard regardless of how old your child is. The conscious parenting course with Tanushka was definitely a reality check on some aspects of my parenting and a learning curve. I am trying my best to be a conscious parent, must say its not that easy and requires a lot of patience esp with younger children but all said and done I have definitely seen the positive impact its been having on my kids esp when it comes to communicating with my 9yr old son. A course highly recommended for all parents!Pooja Gupta
YPO Malaysia
Tanushka is a fantastic resource for parents. The workshop was insightful, well balanced and full of tools for us to practice conscious parenting.
I am so grateful for the time and painstaking effort Tanushka put in to make this a balanced interaction. I would highly recommend this to even parents who don’t have challenges with their children as it’s a great way to check into the health of your parenting styles, recalibrate your family values and most importantly connect with your child.
The last three days gave me a better understanding of my children, my own inner child and allowed for a more meaningful conversation with my children.
I would love to continue updating myself and refreshing my parenting skills with future workshops.
Amrita Kilachand, MumbaiThe course was very helpful and had easy to action takeaway points. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to using the practical and fun games and other tools to connect and bond with my children. It taught me to look inwards and be a a more “conscious” parent. It left me motivated and raring to go with a fresh perspective and a roadmap of sorts. Tanushka was fabulous!Pooja Advani, MumbaiFew things resonated with me throughout the course especially when it comes to how our relationship within ourselves is the trigger to many reactions we put out to our kids. Another one is how as parents we always think we are selfless when actually its on the contrary. Almost always parenting styles come with terms and conditions that put stress and responsibility to our kids. The Conscious Code is definitely one that should be attended by all parents especially in the current time when parenting takes a whole lot of different meaning.Anjalika Gunnulfsen, Editor, Fab!Luxe- MalaysiaI found this class to be very informative and helpful. I already have had a few aha moments in the course of the 3 days with my children and I know that it’s going to prove to be transformational in terms of our relationship and my lens to view technology with.Pooja Advani,
Tanushka is just fantastic!!Shiraz BhavnaniThis workshop with Tanushka is a MUST for every mother of a TWEEN/ TEEN. It’s almost like a 101 in demystifying the trifecta between the tween, technology and a parent. It is a well structured course that adds value to and addresses the challenges of living in a tech biased world from the perspective of a tween. As someone aspiring to be a conscious parent and a seeker I gained tremendous knowledge and tools to help me navigate through social media usage, screen time and the impact of technology on my tween. I cannot recommend this workshop more highly or emphatically.Amrita Kilachand,
Best course in parenting I have attended . Tanushka gives so much information with so much clarity .Mumbai, IndiaI have found my 11 year old spends a considerable amount of time on her devices even when her online school has ended. This 3 day workshop has allowed me to gain insights into how to broach this concern with my child in a positive and healthy manner so that I can better understand the nature of her "online world" and more importantly, how I can be part of it with her.Emma Ahmed, KL, MalaysiaThe course was fantastic and very well covered by Tanushka who showed us that it is us parents that need to make the changes in order to see the changes that we would like to see in our children. There is a whole new way to bring up our children during the modern times where there are multiple challenges being faced by our children.
The 3 day course went by with us participants all identifying the issues at play and being shown practical solutions to adapt as well as bring about the changes required. Highly recommended to all parents facing these same issues with their children of all ages.
Kabir Mansukhani,
This was an eye opening course, driven by Tanushka who has an amazing ability to help you feel like you are seen and heard, and that you are most certainly not alone. We went over areas that pertained to my tween, but also helped to prepare me for what’s to come and to keep my mind open on how to deal with the inevitable world of tech, rather than fear it.Nadia Rashid,
I Learnt a lot from the course and I feel a lot of my questions were answered before I could even ask them!Anonymous,
I would highly recommend this workshop and may even do a 2nd round to brush up as I may have been a bit distracted at times!Anonymous,
I thought the 3 day workshop was highly effective in helping me gain a better grasp on how to handle my tween and tech. The tools imparted have real world application and can be used as life long skills!Anonymous,
This was such a valuable workshop for me. Practical tools and fantastic insights into what drives behaviour for both myself and my kids. Loved it. 5star.Libbi Jenkins,
Sydney Australia
Thank you it was very insightful to see the patterns of behaviour and why we react the way we do. Understanding and noticing is the first step to change. Even though yet to be a parent, I realized I have to raise the kid in me first!Otto Dargan,
Sydney Australia.
A helpful framework for taking the emotion out of difficult situations in parenting and finding another way through. Getting to know myself along the way.Anonymous,
Sydney, Australia
This was a really great introduction into the Conscious Parenting Methodology. Dr Tanushka was knowledgable and compassionate, and really made the workshop relevant for our entire cohort, from those who aren't parents yet, to those with young children and also those with much older children. I had so many 'aha!' moments and really look forward to exploring my 'inner child' to learn more about my triggers, as well as implementing the practical ideas she gave us. Would definitely recommend the course to anyone who has a child, or who was a child!Anonymous,
Sydney Australia


for my one-on-one sessions

What started out as a session to give me insights or tools into parenting kids, ended up with revelations into how I was parented.
This has led to a series of profound insights and a lot of self reflection. I realize that a lot of reactions and expectations were imbedded from the way I was parented. These were not necessarily true or even relevant any more to my life now.
I feel more empowered now and can begin to shift in areas of life where I could be holding myself back. I am still very much a work in progress but thanks to Dr Tanushka Melwani, I view life differently.
I really love the way Tanushka coached me. It’s so casual so you feel really comfortable sharing your challenges. She takes it easy and goes with the flow and shares certain concepts to be considered. With her way of coaching, I began to realise many inner issues (on my own) and that self realisation is truly impactful. Tanushka also shares very practical steps that works with my reality, which is motivating and inspiring to achieve. Thank you so much for all this!See See
My sessions with Tanushka are very deep and eye openings. She can help guide me in figuring out the roots of my struggles and really can hold the space for me in my lowest moments. The deeper understanding about myself leads to ultimate surrender and acceptance and from that, the healing process begins and I can show up differently today. Thank you Tanushka for reminding me of the energy I bring in every situation, to give permission to be myself, and to hold the space for me without judgments.Nancy J
Tanushka created a really safe space for me to open up and explore what wounds from my childhood I was still carrying and that have been holding me back in my life. She has a really warm presence and this combined with her intuition and wisdom makes her a wonderful coach. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to uncover the blind spots in their lives and set themselves free.Sonal
United Kingdom
"I did not think I’d achieve such clarity in the first session, but I did. It was mind-altering as the ‘pain and deep beliefs’ I had about being a parent traced all the way back to my own early childhood. So deep-seeded was the belief that the ‘pain’ was something positive and encouraged as a good habit as I was growing up, I had so many layers to work through. But all that became so easy within minutes of going into the session with Tanushka as she not only made the entire session centre around the many layers of my-conditioned self, she guided me to see through another perspective and enabled me to peel through all those layers. Totally renewed and re-centred after just one session."Ai Lee
Tanushka today i thanked you loads. It is helping me to sit with the uncomfortable. The kids are more happy. When the school started i talked to them about boundries and their responsibilities. Sticked to them but did not hover. 3rd week finished they are finishing their work, they are happy😂 I am not obsessing about ada’s friend situation as much. She seems happier too. I feel better. Thank you for your support. I wanted you to know already you made a change in my life. ❤️❤️Anonymous
KL, Malaysia
I got so much out of this session. Already learning things about my kids I didn’t know, while all the whole while knowing there is so much more to discover. Helps to solidify the fact that “parenting” is the responsibility of the parents, not the children and that small differences between n approach, make huge positive changes!Anonymous,
Great workshop to understand about parenting fundamentalsB. Kumar , Hotelier
This is to show u how i appreciate u.For me my family means all, by u making me understand being conscious and logical change my entire relationship
With my kids and family.
Im so lucky i learn being conscious quite early, there no damage done yet.This is the reason i choose this gift, the meaning is Dr Tanushka is a light of guidance in my life.Im not flattering you as i dont need to do that. Im just saying the course is so valuable to me as it change my mindset.Someday i hope my kids says- my mom treat me so well, respected me from very young and she is always conscious in what she does.Thanks Dr Tanushka for this, i hope many parents can benefit this from you. Now u know why i call u as my mentor .Take care, im Blessed.Anonymous,